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Integrated Solutions & Services

Integration is the solution to deciphering the complexity of biology. The core of Abnova’s integration is the generation and availability of antibodies and proteins targeting the human genome. These invaluable bio-tools are combined and utilized in a comprehensive repertoire of qualitative, quantitative, multiplexing, high throughput, and profiling applications to address the needs of research and discovery. Abnova has successfully developed and implemented these integrated solutions for research community and industry. We are eager to provide these solutions as services to the customers.
Gene Synthesis & Cytogenetics Peptide Services

Protein Expression Conjugation

Ab Production Ab Scale-up

Humanized Antibody Assay Development

Tumor Animal Models Circulating Tumor DNA

Circulating Tumor Cell FFPE Tumor Tissue DNA

Germline Genetic DNA In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Staining


Abnova’s facility is ISO13485 and GMP certified for immunohistochemistry, ELISA kit, and FISH probes and ISO15189 certified for circulating tumor cells.

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