Do you have a protein you would like us to express for you? We will use our robust in vitro protein expression technology to service your needs. Customers have the option to perform a test-scale expression to assess the yield and solubility of their protein of interest, and then scale up to the larger quantity required by the experiment.

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General Working Progress of Custom Protein Expression

  • Evaluation of Standard Protein Expression Service
  • Pre-Expression Discussion: Custom Specification, Flowchart, Cost
  • Purchase Order
  • Expression Specification Approval
  • Service Agreement
  • Protein Expression Report
  • Protein Delivery

Service 1 : Test-Scale Protein Expression

 Services Items Standard Package Delux Package
Plasmid Material  Supplied by Customer V  
 Supplied by Abnova *   V
 Amplification of the gene of interest and subcloning it into the expression  vector V V
 Protein Expression and Purification V V
 Final Deliverables  1.~30 ug purified soluble GST-tagged protein **
 2.QC data ***
 Total Lead Time ~6 weeks Quote
 * If plasmid is supplied or synthesized via assembly PCR by Abnova, Abnova will charge an extra fee. Please inquire.
 ** This is the average yield. Actual yield will vary for each protein.
 *** QC by SDS-PAGE and Western blot: FREE Western QC data is available for tagged proteins that can be detected by anti-GST antibody.

Service 2 : Scaled-Up Protein Production

  • Duration: 4~6 weeks (depending on the desired quantity)
  • Total Price: Quote (depending on the test-scale result)
The above list price is only used for direct orders made to Abnova.

For any inquiry, please contact :