Biomarker Discovery and Validation
Tissue microarray is a powerful, high throughput platform for prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic target discovery and validation. This technology was developed by Kononen and colleagues in 1998 and has become an integral part of the translational research tool in protein profiling in the Proteomic era. The arrays are generated from the core needle biopsy of the paraffin-embedded tissue blocks and juxtaposed in a high-density format on a glass slide for comparative, protein expression profiling for statistical analysis. As such, a large number of tissue specimens from a broad spectrum of diseases and clinical parameters can be screened against their counterparts to identify and validate biomarkers which have significant impact on disease management and treatment.

Antibody plays a pivotal role in the characterization of protein expression in the tissue microarray. Notably, the availability of a large collection of validated antibodies is crucial to the successful screening and validation process. Abnova has opened up this bottleneck by building the largest antibody library for immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray and clinical applications.





  • Conservation of precious tissue resource
  • Experimental uniformity and efficiency
  • High throughput and large-scale analysis of tissue
  • Relevance of tissue to disease pathophysiology
  • Rapid translation of discovery to clinical applications
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Target validation
  • Protein expression profiling
  • Molecular staging
  • Clinical and demographic correlations

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