Using bioreactor CELLine® device, Abnova is able to solve your antibody production problems in vitro. The specialized protocols are designed for solid tumor formation hybridomas and for those customers who need their antibody preparation free of any contamination from mouse immunoglobulins. Bioreactor cell culture also serves as an alternative option to regular ascites production. Abnova will match your choice of cell lines to our tailored protocols. Customers will provide hybridoma cell line(s) of interest to Abnova for the in Vitro production of immunoglobulins. Average yield for CL350 is 5 ml/harvest, and 4-6 harvests per flask. The immunoglobulin concentrations is 50-100 times higher compared to classic cell culture. Actual yield will vary for each cell line.


  • Alternate Ig Amplification to Ascites
  • Higher Antibody Yield
  • No Mouse Ig Contamination
  • Solid Tumor Forming Hybridoma
Bioreactor CELLine Technolgy

Sample Result

  • CL350 culture supernatants were harvested 7days after hybridoma inoculation.
  • Regular static culture supernatants were collected from T flasks after 72 hours.
  • Antibody concentrations were determined by quantitative sandwich ELISA.

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