Abnova provides a total solution for ELISA kit service encompassing antibody production, antibody pairing, sandwich ELISA optimization, ELISA kit manufacturing, documentations and certifications. Abnova can produce the antibodies for the customer; the customer can also provide own generated antibodies. Polyclonal, monoclonal, and alternate species antibodies are useful for the antibody pair development. Customers may request detecting antibody conjugation or use pre-conjugated secondary antibody. Sandwich ELISA optimization including antibody pair, blocker, diluent, and stability selection and their concentrations have a significant impact on the final ELISA kit sensitivity and specificity. Factors to consider for ELISA kit manufacturing include capture antibody scaled up and ELISA plate coating, detecting antibody scaled up versus “ready-to-use” format, and overall kit stability and storage conditions. Abnova also provides ISO13485 and GMP documentations and CE-IVD, US EUA and IVD certifications per customer’s request.



Antibody Production

  • Abnova’s Antibodies
  • Customer’s Antibodies

Antibody Pairing

  • Capture vs. Detecting Antibodies
  • Polyclonal vs. Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Different Species Antibodies
  • Detecting Antibody Conjugation (Biotin, HRP)
  • Secondary Antibodies (HRP)

Sandwich ELISA Optimization

  • Capture and Detecting Antibody Concentration
  • Blocker Selection and Concentration
  • Diluent Selection and Concentration
  • Stabilizer Selection and Concentration
  • Sensitivity and Specificity

ELISA Kit Manufacturing

  • Capture Antibody Scaled Up and ELISA Plate Coating
  • Detecting Antibody Scaled Up
  • Detecting Antibody “Ready-to-Use”
  • ELISA Kit Stability and Storage

Documentations and Certifications

  • ISO13485
  • GMP
  • CE-IVD
  • US EUA and IVD


  • Abnova COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody ELISA Kit: A rapid, simple, and sensitive method to characterize the binding affinity of the RBD-ACE2 complex in the presence of potential inhibitors


ELISA Related Services

For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com