Abnova’s DNAx™ Immune is a specialized DNA immunization platform with competitive attributes of convenience, flexibility, and functionality for antibody production. We provide diverse mammalian species such as mouse, rat, and rabbit for immunization to generate high-quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies based on customers’ gene of interest. Different assays such as IF, IHC, FC, antibody pair, and sandwich ELISA are setup for antibody validation to ensure the best functional antibodies are identified with the intended applications. If you have a need for a functional antibody, we have the experience, infrastructure, and human resource to achieve your antibody goal.

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  • Obviate protein antigen for immunization & screening
  • Suitable for membrane protein & difficult antigen
  • Simple antigen sequence manipulation & mutagenesis
  • Rapid turn-around time for polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
  • Functional antibody recognizing native antigen


DNAx™ Immune Service Summary

  Service Items Lead Time
Phase I Target-of-Interest Customer-supplied target gene:
  • Cytoplasmic, membrane, secretory
  • Full-length, partial
Please quote if the customer requires gene prepared by Abnova
3 weeks
Gene Cloning Vector gene target cloning
Plasmid Preparation Extraction and purification for plasmid DNA from E. coli 2 weeks
Intra-muscular Immunization Number of mice, rats or rabbits immunized will be specified by customers 45 days
Polyclonal Sera Screening Plasmids are transferred to 293T cells to generate overexpression lysate and screen target DNA 2 weeks
Phase II Polyclonal Antibody Purification Protein A purification 2 weeks
Validation Antibody validation using WB, IHC, FC, Ab Pair or Sandwich ELISA per customers' request
Final Deliverables Desired polyclonal antibody
Monoclonal Antibody Production Splenic myeloma fusion in mouse or rat
Peripheral circulating B cell isolation and cloning in rabbit
12-16 weeks
Validation Antibody validation using WB, IHC, FC, Ab Pair or Sandwich ELISA per customer's request
Final Deliverables Desired monoclonal  supernatant and hybridoma

Service fee: Quote

For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com