Abnova provides an expanding library of more than 30,500+ immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies on its online catalogue. Our capability is supported by a vast collection of normal and diseased tissue samples for antibody characterization. In addition, our in-house IHC team has created panels of tissue microarray for high throughput of antibody validation, biomarker discovery, and companion diagnostic development. We are eager to learn of our customers specific requirement and to facilitate their research and product development!

Abnova's Resource

  • Normal and Diseased Clinical Samples
  • Pre-made Tissue and Microarray Slides
  • Expanding Monoclonal Antibody Catalogue
  • Antibody Production Infrastructure
  • Rich Experience and Proven Expertise

Customer's Resource

  • Provide Own Clinical Samples
  • Provide Pre-made Tissue Slides
  • Antibodies (with or without Characterization)
  • Specific Tissue and Antibody Protocols
  • Previous Experimental Results

General Workflow of IHC Service

  • Customer completes a IHC custom service form () and sent to Abnova.
  • Abnova prepares slides from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues.
  • Abnova performs IHC staining either on slides without pretreatment or with pretreatment, or both.
  • Abnova performs dilutions of antibody according customer's instruction or performs a serial dilution of 40, 20, 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25, 0.675 ug/ml.
  • Abnova offers the following slide pretreatment. Customer may choose one or more protocols for the pretreatment :
    1. Pretreatment in 1X citrate buffer (pH 6.0), microwave at 750W for 20 minutes, and subsequently cool the samples.
    2. Pretreatment in 1X Tris/EDTA buffer (pH 9.0), microwave at 750W for 20 minutes, and subsequently cool the samples.
    3. Pretreatment in HCl (2N) (pH 0.6~0.9) at room temperature for 10~20 minutes.
    4. Pretreatment in 0.1% trypsin and shake for 25 minutes at 37.

Strict Confidentiality

Abnova will sign a confidential agreement with the customer and will not to release any experimental results to the third party without customer's permission.


For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com