Abnova offers monoclonal antibody (mAb) development in mice, rats, and rabbits, with guaranteed success based on standard endpoints or customer's specific applications. Our high rate of success, short turn-around time, and affordable cost are due to our proprietary hybridoma technology, state-of-the-art, specific pathogen-free (SPF) facility, extensive experience in antibody production for over 10,000 gene targets, and flexibility to suit our customer's needs.

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Monoclonal Antibody Development Workflow

  • Evaluation of Standard Antibody Production Service
  • Pre-Production Discussion: Custom Specification, Flowchart, Cost
  • Purchase Order
  • Production Specification Approval
  • Service Agreement and Production Specification Template ()
  • Monoclonal Antibody Development and Progress Report
  • Monoclonal Hybridoma and Supernatant Delivery



 Services Items



Phase I


Payment 1

(USD/EUR) Non-refundable startup fee


Antigen Preparation

Customer-supplied antigen (peptide) *
Please quote if the customer requires antigen prepared by Abnova **


Customer-supplied antigen (protein) *
Please quote if the customer requires antigen prepared by Abnova **

Customer-supplied antigen (DNA) *
Please quote if the customer requires antigen prepared by Abnova **


The number of mice, rats, and rabbits immunized will be specified by the customer

Phase II Fusion vs Circulating B Cell Cloning& Antibody Screening  Fusion stage: select one animal with better titer V
Rabbit immunization and circulating B cloning (CBC) V
ELISA screen up to 384x2 hybridoma clones per fusion mouse V
Stabilization of up to 20 positive clones V

Any mice / rats / rabbits that show a customer's required titer will be used to create ELISA positive monoclonal antibodies

Final Deliverables ELISA data and up to 10 clones of ELISA-positive hybridoma clones *** and culture supernatants (3ml/clone) V
Payment 2 (USD/EUR) Non-refundable


(per mouse hybridoma project)

Lead time (Week) 22~24 weeks (exclude antigen preparation)
  Total Price (USD/EUR) Quote


*Antigen Requirement (provided by customer):

  • Protein Immunization: 500 μg for two mice
  • Peptide Immunization: Conjugated peptide (1mg) for immunization and Free-peptide (0.5mg) for screening step
  • DNA Immunization: plasmid containing DNA target-of-interest

**Immunogen Provided by Abnova:

  • Purified recombinant protein: please tell us the gene ID or UniProt
  • Peptide and phosphopeptide: please refer to the peptide synthesis service
  • DNA - additional fee will be charged by Abnova
  • Abnova may obtain from a source subject to the customer's approval, and invoice the cost to the customer

Lead time: ~1.5 month

***Cell Line Storage (3 vials/cell line/year) - Quote


The above list price is only used for direct orders made to Abnova.

For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com