DNAx™ Immune is a specialized DNA immunization platform providing the competitive attributes of convenience, flexibility, and functionality for antibody production.

For convenience, the target can be a cytoplasmic, membrane, or secretory full-length or partial gene of interest. After target gene cloning into an immunologically-driven vector, the plasmid is scaled up and prepared for immunization by mixing with a proprietary adjuvant. Plasmid immunization obviates the need for protein production for immunization. Nonetheless, the plasmid containing target-of-interest can be directly used for recombinant protein and lysate production for downstream antibody testing.

For flexibility, diverse mammalian species such as mice, rats, and rabbits can be used for immunization to generate high-quality polyclonal and/or monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, monoclonality is achieved either by splenic myeloma fusion in mice or rats, and by peripheral circulating B cell isolation and cloning in rabbits. Heavy and light chains in the variable domains can be bioengineered to create a variety of antibody constructs.

Functionality, high sensitivity, and specificity are prerequisites for a successful antibody. Downstream validation assays such as IF, IHC, FC, antibody pair, and sandwich ELISA are set up upstream during the monoclonal screening to ensure the best functional clones are identified with the intended applications. If you need a functional antibody, we have the experience, infrastructure, and human resources to achieve your antibody goal.

DNA Immunization Workflow



  • Obviate protein antigen for immunization & screening
  • Suitable for membrane protein & difficult antigen
  • Simple antigen sequence manipulation & mutagenesis
  • Rapid turn-around time for polyclonal and monoclonal
  • Functional antibody recognizing native antigen

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For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com

For any inquiry, please contact
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