LiquidCell™ - Negative Enrichment Cell Isolation and Retrieval System

Catalog # M0021
Regulatory Status RUO
Description Abnova’s LiquidCell™ is a non-invasive, negative enrichment system for depletion of white blood cells (WBCs) and enumeration and retrieval of circulating rare cells (CRCs). Three major subtypes of CRCs in translational research and clinical studies are circulating cells (CTCs), circulating progenitor cells (CPCs), and circulating fetal cells (CFCs). A challenge for market adoption of CRCs is the efficient and reproducible identification, single cell isolation and retrieval of highly pure and viable CRCs, with their applications supported by a wide repertoire of standardized bioreagents. LiquidCell™ platform utilizes AbBeads™, SuperSlide™, tyramide TYRx™ and chromogenic CHRx™ technologies to enable CRC isolation and detection. AbBeads™ are antibody functionalized magnetic beads for white blood cell (WBC) depletion while avoiding the concomitant loss of CRCs. SuperSlide™ is a specialty-coated, non-autofluorescent glass slide for maximal CRC capture and retention throughout the cell processing. TYRx™ utilizes tyramide fluorescence and horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated secondary antibody for signal enhancement of low-density proteins on CRCs. CHRx™ uses DAB and Fast Red chromogenic substrates combined with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) to deliver brown and red color staining of CRCs under visible light. Monoclonal antibodies targeting the intracellular and cell surface proteins can be flexibly interchanged to accommodate the biomarker switch in disease progression. This results in highly pure and viable CRCs for downstream protein characterizations, gene analysis, and cell assays. CTC enumeration is currently the only FDA approved application as a prognostic marker in metastatic breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. In contrast, effective single cell isolation and retrieval of CRCs will open up new clinical utilities in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical arena.
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  • Overview

    Catalog # : M0021

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    Regulatory Status: RUO


    Subtypes of CRCs

    • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
    • Circulating Progenitor Cells (CPCs)
    • Circulating Fetal Cells (CFCs)


    Applications of CRCs

    Protein Characterizations

    • Immunofluorescence (IF)
    • Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

    Gene Analysis

    • Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
      Gene Amplifications (GAs)
      Somatic Mutations (SMs)
      Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
    • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
    • Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
      Copy Number Variants (CNVs)
    • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

    Cell Assays

    • Primary cell line construction
    • Compound screening


    Advantages of LiquidCell™ Platform

    • Non-destructive and non-aggregating removal of WBCs
    • Minimal concomitant cell loss during WBC depletion
    • Maximal cell recovery for downstream identification
    • Maximal signal detection of low-density biomarkers
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    LiquidCell™ Platform is the trademark and pending patent of Abnova Corporation. 
    Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) antibody is a pending MD Anderson patent which has been exclusively licensed to Abnova Corporation.
    mutaFISH™ is a pending trademark and patent of Abnova Corporation.

  • Bioreagents

    Depletion Kits

    • CD45 Depletion Kit (Catalog #: DM0006)
    • CD45 Depletion Kit PLUS CSV enrichment antibody (Catalog #: DM0008)

    Specialty-Coated Glass Slide

      • SuperSlide™ (Catalog #: DL0001)

    Fluorescent Detecting Antibodies

      • ASGPR1 monoclonal antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0051)
      • CD133 monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0087)
      • CD44 monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0075)
      • CD44v9 monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0078)
      • CD276 monoclonal antibody (Alexa 647) (Catalog #: DH0054)
      • CD276 monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0052)
      • CD45 monoclonal antibody (Alexa 647) (Catalog #: DH0072)
      • CD45 monoclonal antibody (PE) (Catalog #: DH0044)
      • CD45 monoclonal antibody PLUS (PE) (Catalog #: DH0090)
      • CDX2 monoclonal antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0060)
      • Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) monoclonal antibody (Alexa 488) (Catalog #: DH0071)
      • Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0088)
      • Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) monoclonal antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0043)
      • Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) monoclonal antibody (PE) (Catalog #: DH0086)
      • Disialoganglioside GD2 monoclonal antibody (Alexa 647) (Catalog #: DH0084)
      • EGFR monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0083)
      • EpCAM monoclonal antibody (Alexa 488) (Catalog #: DH0074)
      • EpCAM monoclonal antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0045)
      • ERBB2 monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0082)
      • FOLR1 monoclonal antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0063)
      • GPC1 monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0085)
      • PanCK antibody (FITC) (Catalog #: DH0047)
      • PD-L1 monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0079)
      • PLS3 monoclonal antibody (Alexa 647) (Catalog #: DH0076)
      • PSCA monoclonal antibody (APC) (Catalog #: DH0077)
      • TTF-1 monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0070)

    Chromogenic Detection Antibodies and Substrates

    • EpCAM monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0080)
    • CD45 monoclonal antibody (Catalog #: DH0081)
    • DAB (Catalog #: DU0012)

    Media and Blocking Kits

    • 50X Antibody Dilution Buffer (Catalog #: U0320)
    • Cell Dissociation Media (Catalog #: DU0007)
    • Leukocyte Aggregation Inhibitor (Catalog #: DU0008)
    • Pan Blocking Kit (Catalog #: DM0007)

    Point Mutations, Gene Amplification, and Translocation mutaFISH™ Probes and Accessory Kits

    • mutaFISH™ ACTBwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0013)
    • mutaFISH™ AR-V7 ARwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0004)
    • mutaFISH™ BRAF V600E V600wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0011)
    • mutaFISH™ CEP1wt CEP7wt CEP8wt CEP17wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0009)
    • mutaFISH™ CEP1wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0008)
    • mutaFISH™ CEP7wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0006)
    • mutaFISH™ CEP8wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0005)
    • mutaFISH™ CEP17wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0007)
    • mutaFISH™ CK7wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0027)
    • mutaFISH™ CK9wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0028)
    • mutaFISH™ CK19wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0029)
    • mutaFISH™ CK20wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0030)
    • mutaFISH™ c-Mycwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0015)
    • mutaFISH™ CXCL9 RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0025)
    • mutaFISH™ CXCL10 RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0026)
    • mutaFISH™ EGFRwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0023)
    • mutaFISH™ EGFR T790M T790wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0001)
    • mutaFISH™ EGFR L858R L858wt Ex19wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0002)
    • mutaFISH™ EML4wt ALKwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0014)
    • mutaFISH™ ERCC1wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0024)
    • mutaFISH™ HER2wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0022)
    • mutaFISH™ HER2wt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0010)
    • mutaFISH™ HLA-ABCwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0021)
    • mutaFISH™ IDH1 R132H R132wt IDH2 R172K R172wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0012)
    • mutaFISH™ IFNGwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0031)
    • mutaFISH™ KRAS G12wt G13wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0017)
    • mutaFISH™ MAMwt RNA FISH Probes (Catalog #: FP0020)
    • mutaFISH™ MYCNwt DNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0003)
    • mutaFISH™ PD-L1wt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0019)
    • mutaFISH™ PSAwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0018)
    • mutaFISH™ PSCAwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0032)
    • mutaFISH™ TERTwt RNA Probes (Catalog #: FP0016)
    • mutaFISH™ RNA Accessory Kit (Catalog #: KA4915)
    • mutaFISH™ DNA Accessory Kit 1 for Cells (Catalog #: KA4916)
    • mutaFISH™ DNA Accessory Kit 2 for Cells (Catalog #: KA4928)

    Cell Staining Dyes

    • Calcein AM (Catalog #: U0333)
    • DAPI (Catalog #: U0331)
    • Hoechst 33342 (Catalog #: U0334)
    • Propidium Iodide (Catalog #: U0332)


  • Accessory
    • 3D Magnetic Separator (Catalog #: DU0009)
    • Single Cell Micromanipulator Set (Catalog #: KA4584)
    • Cell Picking Microscope, Camera, and Software (Catalog #: MR0005)
    • CytoView™ Scanning Microscope and Software (Catalog #: M0019)
    • K2-EDTA Blood Collection Tube (Catalog #: MR0009)
    • ACD-A Blood Collection Tube (Catalog #: MR0008)
  • Support
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