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Mouse, Rat & Rabbit Monoclonal Ab (All)

Abnova offers monoclonal antibody (Mab) development in mice, rats and rabbits, with guaranteed success based on standard endpoints or customer's specific applications. Our high rate of success, short turn-around time and affordable cost are due to our proprietary hybridoma technology, state-of- the-art, specific pathogen free (SPF) facility, extensive experience in antibody production for over 10,000 gene targets, and flexibility to suit our customer's needs.
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Monoclonal Antibody Development Workflow

  • Evaluation of Standard Antibody Production Service
  • Pre-Production Discussion: Custom Specification, Flowchart, Cost
  • Purchase Order
  • Production Specification Approval
  • Service Agreement and Production Specification Template (, )
  • Monoclonal Antibody Development and Progress Report
  • Monoclonal Hybridoma and Supernatant Delivery

Download Custom Mab Service 
Services Items Standard
Phase I Payment 1 (USD/EUR) Non-refundable startup fee Quote
Antigen Preparation Customer-supplied antigen (peptide) *
Please quote if the customer requires antigen prepared by Abnova **
Customer-supplied antigen (protein) *
Please quote if the customer require antigens prepared by Abnova**
Customer-supplied antigen (DNA) *
Please quote if the customer require antigens prepared by Abnova**
Immunization Number of mice,rats, and rabbits immunized will be specified by the customer V
Phase II Fusion vs Circulating B Cell Cloning
& Antibody Screening
Fusion stage: select one animal with better titer V
Rabbit immunization and circulating B cloning (CBC) V
ELISA screen up to 384x2 hybridoma clones per fusion mouse V
Stabilization of up to 20 positive clones V
Any mice / rats / rabbits that shows a customer's required titer will be used to create ELISA positive monoclonal antibodies V
Final Deliverables ELISA data and up to 10 clones of ELISA-positive hybridoma clones *** and culture supernatants (3ml/clone) V
Payment 2 (USD/EUR) Non-refundable Quote (per mouse hybridoma project)
Lead time (Week) 22~24 weeks (exclude antigen preparation)
  Total Price (USD/EUR) Quote

*Antigen Requirement (provided by customer):
  • Protein Immunization: 500 μg for two mice
  • Peptide Immunization: Conjugated-peptide (1mg) for immunization and Free-peptide (0.5mg) for screening step
  • DNA Immunization: plasmid containing DNA target-of-interest

**Immunogen Provided by Abnova:
  • Purified recombinant protein: please tell us the gene ID or UniProt
  • Peptide and phosphopeptide: please refer to peptide synthesis service
  • DNA - additional fee will be charged by Abnova
  • Abnova may obtain from a source subject to customer's approval, and invoice the cost to the customer

Lead time: ~1.5 month

***Cell Line Storage (3 vials/cell line/year) - Quote
The above list price is only used for direct orders made to Abnova.

For any inquiry, please contact :

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