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Last updated: 2022/12/4

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ORANGE Peroxidase Substrate Kit

Metal enhanced DAB technology permits detection of extremely low concetrations of tissue antigens. This kit provides a sensitive means for detecting peroxidase labeled antibodies and conjugates. ORANGE Peroxidase Substrate Kit contains nickel enhanced DAB that produces an orange-red DAB polymer and also exceeds the sensitivity of DAB alone.

  • • IHC

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RealBlue Peroxidase Substrate Kit

RealBlue Peroxidase Substrate Kit is 50-100 times more sensitive than DAB and is non-carcinogenic. Strongly recommended for the detection of least-abundant markers. RealBlue forms a blue chromogenic product, providing excellent contrast with DAB and other substrates for multiple labeling experiments.

  • • IHC

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RED Phosphatase Substrate Kit

RED Phosphatase Substrate Kit contains reagents for the detection of alkaline phosphatase-labeled conjugates. RED reagents form a brilliant scarlet reaction product that is stable in organic solvents. Sections reacted with RED reagents can be dehydrated through graded alcohols and xylene, then mounted in xylene-based mounting media for permanent documentation. The hematoxylin counterstain, Contrast BLUE, provides sharp contrast and excelllent nuclear detail.

  • • IHC

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  • Result: 1 - 3
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