Spiraltor™ 48 - Spiral-Mix Magnetic Bead Handling

Catalog # M0025
Regulatory Status RUO
Description Spiraltor™ 48 - Spiral-Mix Magnetic Bead Handling is a patented spiral-mix, magnetic bead handling system for high throughput IVT mRNA and circRNA purification. Combining 48 channel open platform with oligo (dT) magnetic beads, Spiraltor™ 48 easily handles 48 different assays simultaneously by transferring beads from one well to the next for spiral-mixing, binding, washing, and elution reactions via the robotic action of parallel magnetic rods. Spiraltor™ 48 simplifies the routine yet labor-intensive process and addresses the needs of rigorous mRNA applications such as protein replacement, mRNA antibody therapy, personalized cancer vaccines, and infectious mRNA vaccines. With oligo (dT) magnetic beads separation method, there’s no need for centrifugation or vacuum, eliminating stress or shear force and delivering pure, intact mRNA and circRNA. Spiraltor™ 48 delivers reproducible and consistent results by obviating the drawbacks of manual operation. Its intuitive user interface allows easy change of parameters tailored to your experiment.
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Spiraltor™ 48

  • Overview

    Catalog # : M0025

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    Regulatory Status: RUO



    • IVT mRNA Purification
    • IVT circRNA Purification



    • 48 channels magnetic bead assays
    • Patented spiral-mixing instead of vertical mixing
    • Avoid aerosolized cross-contamination
    • Automated solution for easy operation
    • High efficiency mRNA and circRNA enrichment and recovery

    • Suitable for nearly all downstream mRNA and circRNA  applications

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  • Specification



    58(L) x 43(W) x 47(H) cm


    48 sample/run


    100 -240 V

    Processing Volume

    50 – 1,600 µL

    Magnetic Rod

    > 3,900 gauss

    Spin Speed

    Up to 3,000 rpm


    4 heating plate


    7” touch screen

  • Oligo (dT)30 Magnetic Microspheres
    • Oligo (dT)30 Magnetic Microspheres (Catalog #: U0518)


    mRNA Purification

    Spiraltor48_data_linear_mRNA.png (409 KB)


    circRNA Purification

    Spiraltor48_data_circular_mRNA.png (138 KB)

  • Support
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