VHH antibodies are antibody fragments derived from the variable domain of heavy-chain antibodies found in the immune systems of Camelidae family members, such as llamas and camels. Unlike conventional antibodies, which consist of two heavy chains and two light chains, VHH antibodies are smaller and structurally simpler, comprising only two heavy chains. The unique characteristics of VHH antibodies contribute to their versatility and applicability in various fields. These features include their small size, excellent solubility, superior stability, low immunogenicity, efficient tissue penetration, and potential for downstream engineering. Due to these properties, VHH antibodies have gained prominence as valuable tools in research, diagnostics, and therapeutic applications.

Utilizing our extensive knowledge in recombinant antibody technology, Abnova has developed the NanoAb™ product line. This comprehensive offering includes catalog and custom recombinant VHH antibodies, featuring VHH antibodies, tagged VHH antibodies, VHH domains fused to Fc segments from diverse species, and humanized VHH antibodies.

Custom recombinant VHH antibodies generation by Abnova NanoAb™ platform can be selected from two different sources, immune library and naïve library, allowing for the selection of VHH antibodies that bind to various targets. Antibody screening through phage display facilitates the identification of VHH antibodies with desired binding properties. Following characterization, suitable VHH antibodies undergo expression using various systems, such as bacteria or mammalian cells.

NanoAb™ Workflow 

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  • Small Size

  • Superior Stability

  • Low Immunogenicity

  • High Affinity and Specificity

  • Fast Blood Clearance

  • Versatile Production

  • Easy Multimerization (Multivalency/Multiparatopicity/Multispecificity)

  • Easy Conjugation

  • Robustness in Bioengineering

  • Applications Across Fields




Basic Research

  • Efficient Antigen Capture
  • Structural Biology
  • Intracellular Imaging
  • Super-resolution Microscopy
  • Functional Tools in Enzymology
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Studies


Clinical Potential

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Precision

  • Molecular Imaging Advancements

  • Biosensors for Real-Time Detection

  • Targeted Therapeutic Potential

  • Immunomodulation Possibilities

  • Neurological Disorder Treatment




Catalog Products

Flow Cytometry

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Customized CD8A VHH-hIgG1 Humanized Monoclonal Antibodies

Western Blot

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Flow Cytometry

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Featured Product





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