FFPE FISH PreTreatment Kit 1

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  • Specification

    Product Description

    Pre-treatment is an essential step for effective FISH on Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue sections. This kit contains key reagents used to pretreat FFPE tissue sections from dewaxing with xylene through proteolytic digestion to help permeabilization of cell membranes to facilitate penetration of fluorescence labeled probes. After proteolytic digestion, proceed with subsequent steps with the FISH assay protocol.

    Regulation Status

    For research use only (RUO)

    Supplied Product

    Kit content:
    1. 1x Paraffin Pretreatment Solution, 250 mL
    2. Protease (Pepsin), 0.5 mL x 5 vials

    Storage Instruction

    Store the 1x Paraffin Pretreatment Solution at room temperature (RT), and store the Protease (Pepsin) at -20°C.

  • Applications

    Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (Cell)

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Contact Info
  • +1-909-264-1399
    Toll Free : +1-877-853-6098
  • +1-909-992-3401
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