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LiquidCell™ platform utilizes antibody functionalized magnetic beads to deplete the majority of white blood cells (WBCs) and uses a specialty-coated glass side to retain all the circulating rare cells (CRCs) for downstream processing. For normal density protein biomarkers, CRCs can be detected with fluorescent or chromogenic conjugated antibodies. For low density protein biomarkers, CRCs can be detected with HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies and tyramide fluorescence for signal enhancement. CRCs are also amenable to direct retrieval by micropette manipulation for single cell analysis. LiquidCell™ is supported by a large repertoire of GMP grade antibodies and mutaFISH™ probes. The glass slide standard configuration is compatible with the conventional, automated stainers for high-volume processing.

LiquidCell™ - Negative Enrichment Cell Isolation and Retrieval

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