Targeting ACTN4 Gene Amplification in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Actinin-4 (ACTN4) is an actin binding protein related to cell motility, invasion growth, and cancer metastasis. National Cancer Center Japan and Abnova have observed that the gene amplification of ACTN4 led to poor clinical outcome in patients with stage I lung adenocarcinoma. Also, stage I lung adenocarcinoma patients with ACTN4 gene amplification who never underwent adjuvant chemotherapy (ADJ) have a worse prognosis than patients without ACTN4 gene amplification.

Abnova provides fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis for the detection of ACTN4 gene amplification. Our FISH probes are certified by ASR (analyte specific reagent) and GMP for quality assurance, aiming to assist clinical researchers with ACTN4 statistical significance and clinical relevance for disease and treatment management.

Detection of Gene Amplification by FISH Probes


ACTN4 Lung Adenocarcinoma Clinical Studies

Studies have suggested that ACTN4 could be served as a predictive biomarker for identification of poor prognosis and efficacy of adjuvant chemotherapy (ADJ) in patients with stage I lung adenocarcinoma.
ACTN4 FISH positive cases showed significantly poorer prognosis than negative cases in stage I lung adenocarcinoma.
Within the ACTN4(+) patients with early stage lung adenocarcinoma, the overall survival time of the group underwent ADJ was significantly longer than the group observed without ADJ (OBS).


Human lung adenocarcinoma (FFPE) stained with ACTN4 DNA Probe.

ACTN4 FISH Probe Products


Publication Reference

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