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Application Reward

High Acceptance, Low Rejection, Submit Your Data Now!
Are you waiting endlessly for your paper to be published and hoping no revision is required? Abnova values the persistence in a researcher and the in-depth knowledge on your specialties. Submitting your preliminary data on using Abnova’s products with limited information and high resolution images now, you will receive a USD 50 / EUR 50 / GBP 40 / JPY 4,000 voucher redeemable for future purchase. From western blots to bioactive assays, we accept your validation data on our wide range of products. We will also attribute your contribution along the product characterization on our website.

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  Application Reward Terms and Conditions:
- The applicant has been given the authority to apply for the voucher by the authors.
- Abnova may contact you to verify details on the application data and will publish your data on Abnova’s official website anonymously.
- Vouchers are time limited - redeemable for up to six months from the date of issue.
- Vouchers can only be used for direct purchase from customers, institutions, and companies, excluding distributors. Voucher is redeemable toward selected antibodies. Restrictions may apply.
- Only one voucher is issued for each application, regardless of the number of authors or products used.
- This voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions. No price adjustments to prior purchases.
- Abnova reserves the right to review and reject the application and also change the terms and conditions of sale without notice at any time.
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