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Investigator Reward

Got a Published Paper?
If your research using Abnova's reagents culminates in a publication, could you share your accomplishment with us? We like to reward you for the effort with one free antibody voucher redeemable for future purchase. Moreover, we will post your publication on our website accessible to all investigators involved in specific field of research. We will also provide you with regular updates on new biological reagents available from Abnova related to your protein target of interest to further advance your studies.

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  Investigator Award Terms and Conditions:
- Vouchers can be used to purchase one free antibody. (excluding Made to Order Monoclonal Antibodies and Made to Order MaxPab Antibodies).
- Vouchers are time limited - redeemable for up to six months from the date of issue.
- Vouchers can only be used for direct purchase from customers, institutions, and companies, excluding distributors.
- Only one voucher is issued for each publication, regardless of the number of authors or products used.
- If one ordered product culminates in more than one publication, only one voucher will be issued.
- The original purchaser is responsible for the shipping and handling cost of the redeemed item.
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