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Circulating Fetal Cell (CFC) Capture and Isolation

Isolation of circulating fetal cells (CFCs) from maternal peripheral blood has been a major goal for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. Up until now, engineering difficulty and ineffective bioreagent and system integration have resulted in inconsistent fetal cell capturing and purity, hampering its long-sought prenatal application and deployment in the commercial setting. Abnova develops and provides GMP bioreagent and system solutions for isolation of CFCs as early as 7 week of gestation, thereby providing access to the complete fetal nuclear genome for genetic analysis via fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), microarray, and next generation sequencing (NGS).

CytoQuest™ CR - Circulating Fetal Cell Capture and Isolation

Prenatal Testing vs. Diagnosis

  Amniocentesis Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Cell-free DNA Circulating Fetal Cell
Sample Fetal Cells Placental Tissues Mixtures of Fetal and Maternal DNA Fetal Cells
Coverage High High Low
T13, T18, T21 & Sex
Accuracy High High High for T21 High
Timing 16 weeks 10 weeks >9 weeks >7 weeks
Invasive Yes Yes No No
Risks to Fetus Yes Yes No No
Testing vs. Diagnosis Diagnosis Diagnosis Testing Diagnosis

CytoQuest™ CR system, SCx™ spiral chamber, HBx™ micromixer, and TCx™ thermal control are trademarks and pending patents of Abnova Corporation.
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