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Abnova Rabbit Monoclonal (ARM) Antibody

Integrated, High Throughput Antibody Production
Rabbit monoclonal antibody (Mab) is secreted by the plasma B-cell of the rabbit. Traditional generation of rabbit Mab relies on a rabbit myeloma for B-cell fusion (<1% fusion rate) and hybridoma development. ARM uses a non-fusion Fab antibody library to produce rabbit Mab in vitro. ARM platform utilizes the entire rabbit antibody repertoire to screen for high affinity and high specificity Fab binders with broad epitope coverage to antigen of interest. ARM has higher antibody screening throughput and success rate. ARM Fab is amenable to antibody engineering including F(ab)2, IgG, scFv and multitude of different Fc and non-Fc conjugates. ARM technology is the solution to high quality reagents for research and commercial developments.

Rabbit Monoclonal Production Workflow

ARM vs. Conventional Rabbit Mab

  Abnova Rabbit Mab (ARM) Conventional Rabbit Mab
Technology Non-Fusion Fab Antibody Library Rabbit Myeloma
 Antibody Repertoire Broad (no fusion needed) Narrow (<1% fusion rate)
Screening Throughput High Low
Epitope Coverage High Low
Antibody Success Rate Higher Lower
Antibody Yield High Low
Clone Stability Excellent Poor
Antibody Engineering Readily Applicable Troublesome
Rabbit vs. Mouse Mab

  Rabbit Mouse
Immune Tolerance None Yes
Antibody Diversity Broad Narrow
Antigenicity Strong reaction to small molecules,peptides, & proteins. Weak reaction to small molecules and peptides.
Affinity Picomolar Nanomolar
Specificity High Moderate
Isotype IgG IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3
Applications Especially suited for IHC, IP, FC, antibody pair & kit. Mostly suited for WB, ELISA, IF, antibody pair & kit.
Antibody Engineering Yes Yes
Advantages Applications

  • High Affinity Antibody
  • Diverse Antibody Repertoire
  • No Immunologic Tolerance
  • Scalable Antibody Production
  • More Stable Antibody Clone
  • Antibody Engineering
  • High Affinity Antibody
  • Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
  • Modification-State Antibody
  • Anti-Idiotype Antibody
  • Antibody Pairing and ELISA Kit
  • Research and In Vitro Diagnostic

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