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Transient Antibody Production

We provide a fast and reliable scale-up rabbit monoclonal antibody from transient production. Utilizing a dual high-copy vector system, F(ab)2 and Fc fragments are co-transfected into a mammalian 293H cell line. These transfected cells are then amplified in optimized serum-free, suspension culture, and the expressed antibodies are purified with affinity chromatography. Final products are quality-tested with IgG antibody SDS-PAGE Coomassie Blue staining and ELISA. Transient antibody production has the ability to produce the desired quantity of up to 100mg within 2-3 weeks.
Transient Antibody Production Workflow  

  • Plasmid Vector :
    pAB03(with Fc) + Fd
    pAB04 + LC
  • Host Cell : 293H
  • QC Data:
    IgG Antibody Coomassie Blue
    IgG Antibody ELISA
Advantages Applications

  • High Affinity Antibody
  • Diverse Antibody Repertoire
  • No Immunologic Tolerance
  • Scalable Antibody Production
  • More Stable Antibody Clone
  • Antibody Engineering
  • High Affinity Antibody
  • Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
  • Modification-State Antibody
  • Anti-Idiotype Antibody
  • Antibody Pairing and ELISA Kit
  • Research and In Vitro Diagnostic

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