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Abnova now offers access to more than 102,000 full-length sequenced cDNA clones from mouse! These clones have been published by Riken in Science 2 September 2005: 1559-1563. Working with K.K. DNAform, Abnova has brought the fruits of large-scale Riken Fantom Clone Set to the research community. The transition from mouse cDNA to protein is made easier with the Fantom Mouse Clones and Abnova's proprietary in vitro wheat germ expression system.

Identify the cDNA(s) of interest by using the search function:
  (you can search by name, symbol, synonym, gene ontology ID and term)
Abnova performs full-length cDNA cloning and test- scale protein expression for customer.
Abnova scale-up the desirable protein quantity.
  Total price: (depends on the result of test- scale expression)
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