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Last updated: 2017/9/17

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Papain (Papaya)BioActive

  • Catalog # : P5201
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  • Specification
  • Product Description:
  • Lyophilized. 0.22 um filtered. Nuclease free. Contains papain, L-cysteine, and EDTA.
  • Host:
  • Plants
  • Theoretical MW (kDa):
  • 23.4
  • Form:
  • Lyophilized
  • Preparation Method:
  • Native protein purified from Papaya Latex
  • Activity:
  • >=100 units per vial. One Unit hydrolyzes one micromole of benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester per minute at 25°C, pH 6.2, after activation in a solution containing 1.1 mM EDTA, 0.067 mM mercaptoethanol and 5.5 mM cysteine-HCl for 30 minutes.
  • Recommend Usage:
  • Papain Assay; Cell isolation (more gentle than other proteases); Protein structural studies; Peptide mapping; Red cell surface modification for antibody screening or identification; Fab preparation from IgG and IgM antibodies; Solubilization of integral membrane proteins; Production of glycopeptides from purified proteoglycans; enzymatic wound debridement.
  • Storage Instruction:
  • Store at 4°C.
    Reconstituted with 5 ml of Earle's Balanced Salt Solution (EBSS) or equivalent yields a solution at 20 units of papain per ml in 1 mM L-cysteine with 0.5 mM EDTA. Do not freeze the reconstituted solution.
  • Biological function:
  • Papain is a cysteine hydrolase that is stable and active under a wide range of conditions.
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