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Last updated: 2018/1/21

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Histone H3 (K9me3) monoclonal antibody (Biotin)

  • Catalog # : MAB15852
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  • Specification
  • Product Description:
  • Fab format with human framework monoclonal antibody raised against Histone H3 (K9me3).
  • Immunogen:
  • Recombinant antibody corresponding to Histone H3, trimethylated at lysine 9.
  • Reactivity:
  • Fruit fly, Human, Mouse, Yeast
  • Form:
  • Liquid
  • Conjugation:
  • Biotin
  • Purification:
  • Affinity purification
  • Recommend Usage:
  • ChIP (0.2-1.8 ug/ChIP)
    Immunofluorescence (1:500)
    The optimal working dilution should be determined by the end user.
  • Supplied Product:
  • negative control
  • Storage Buffer:
  • In PBSE (0.2% sucrose).
  • Storage Instruction:
  • Store at -20°C. For long term storage store at -80°C.
    Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
  • Applications
  • ChIP
  • ChIP
  • ChIP assays were performed using human HeLa cells. Different amounts of the antibody were analysed. A negative control recombinant antibody 1 or 5 ug/IP was used as negative IP control. QPCR was performed with primers for the heterochromatin marker Sat2 and for the ZNF510 gene, used as positive controls, and for the promoters of the active EIF4A2 and GAPDH genes, used as negative controls. The figure shows the recovery, expressed as a % of input (the relative amount of immunoprecipitated DNA compared to input DNA after qPCR analysis).
  • ChIP-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
  • ChIP was performed on sheared chromatin from 4 million K562 cells. The figure shows the signal distribution along the long arm of chromosome 19 and a zoomin to an enriched region containing several ZNF repeat genes. The enrichment at ZNF510 and enrichment at the MEG3 and KCNQ1 imprinted genes.
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunofluorescent staining of NIH 3T3 cell line with antibody (left). Negative control recombinant antibody (right). The bottom panel shows counterstaining of the cells with DAPI.
  • Application Image
  • Gene Information
  • Entrez GeneID:
  • 8350
  • Gene Name:
  • HIST1H3A
  • Gene Alias:
  • H3/A,H3FA
  • Gene Description:
  • histone cluster 1, H3a
  • Gene Summary:
  • Histones are basic nuclear proteins that are responsible for the nucleosome structure of the chromosomal fiber in eukaryotes. This structure consists of approximately 146 bp of DNA wrapped around a nucleosome, an octamer composed of pairs of each of the four core histones (H2A, H2B, H3, and H4). The chromatin fiber is further compacted through the interaction of a linker histone, H1, with the DNA between the nucleosomes to form higher order chromatin structures. This gene is intronless and encodes a member of the histone H3 family. Transcripts from this gene lack polyA tails; instead, they contain a palindromic termination element. This gene is found in the large histone gene cluster on chromosome 6p22-p21.3. [provided by RefSeq
  • Other Designations:
  • H3 histone family, member A,histone 1, H3a
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