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Last updated: 2022/8/14

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HDAC6 Inhibitor Screening Kit (Fluorometric) 

  • Catalog # : KA6474
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  • Specification
  • Product Description:
  • HDAC6 Inhibitor Screening Kit (Fluorometric) utilizes deacetylase activity of HDAC6 towards a synthetic acetylated-peptide substrate resulting in the release of an AFC fluorophore.
  • Storage Instruction:
  • Store the kit at -80°C.
    Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
  • Detection Method:
  • Fluorescence (Ex/Em 380/490 nm)
  • Applications
  • Inhibition Assay
  • Inhibition of the enzymatic activity of HDAC6 in the presence of different concentrations of Tubacin, an HDAC6-selective inhibitor, is shown in the figure (IC50 = 95.7 nM, n = 4).
  • Application Image
  • Inhibition Assay
  • Gene Information
  • Gene Name:
  • HDAC6
  • Gene Alias:
  • FLJ16239,HD6,JM21
  • Gene Description:
  • histone deacetylase 6
  • Gene Summary:
  • Histones play a critical role in transcriptional regulation, cell cycle progression, and developmental events. Histone acetylation/deacetylation alters chromosome structure and affects transcription factor access to DNA. The protein encoded by this gene belongs to class II of the histone deacetylase/acuc/apha family. It contains an internal duplication of two catalytic domains which appear to function independently of each other. This protein possesses histone deacetylase activity and represses transcription. [provided by RefSeq
  • Other Designations:
  • OTTHUMP00000032398
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