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Last updated: 2022/6/19

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Free PSA (Human) ELISA Kit 

  • Catalog # : KA0209
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  • Specification
  • Product Description:
  • Free PSA (Human) ELISA Kit is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of free prostate-specific antigen.
  • Calibration Range:
  • 1 to 25 ng/mL
  • Reactivity:
  • Human
  • Storage Instruction:
  • Store the kit at 4°C.
  • Suitable Sample:
  • Serum
  • Sample Volume:
  • 50 uL
  • Label:
  • HRP-conjugate
  • Detection Method:
  • Colorimetric
  • Regulation Status:
  • For research use only (RUO)
  • Publication Reference
  • 1.
  • Tryptophan-kynurenine ratio as a biomarker of bladder cancer.
    Sze Han Lee, Ratha Mahendran, Sin Mun Tham, Thomas Paulraj Thamboo, Billy Jianhao Chionh, Yi Xin Lim, Woon Chau Tsang, Qing Hui Wu, Jun Yang Chia, Melissa Hui Wen Tay, Benjamin Yen Seow Goh, Kelven Weijing Chen, Jeane Zepeda Mallari, Revathi Periaswami, Lata Raman, Shoa Nian Choo, Dorinda Yan Qin Kioh, Edmund Chiong, Kesavan Esuvaranathan, Eric Chun Yong Chan.BJU Int. 2021 Apr;127(4):445-453. doi: 10.1111/bju.15205. Epub 2020 Sep 7.
  • Applications
  • Quantification
  • Application Image
  • Quantification
  • Gene Information
  • Entrez GeneID:
  • 354
  • Gene Name:
  • KLK3
  • Gene Alias:
  • APS,KLK2A1,PSA,hK3
  • Gene Description:
  • kallikrein-related peptidase 3
  • Gene Summary:
  • Kallikreins are a subgroup of serine proteases having diverse physiological functions. Growing evidence suggests that many kallikreins are implicated in carcinogenesis and some have potential as novel cancer and other disease biomarkers. This gene is one of the fifteen kallikrein subfamily members located in a cluster on chromosome 19. Its protein product is a protease present in seminal plasma. It is thought to function normally in the liquefaction of seminal coagulum, presumably by hydrolysis of the high molecular mass seminal vesicle protein. Serum level of this protein, called PSA in the clinical setting, is useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of prostatic carcinoma. Alternate splicing of this gene generates several transcript variants encoding different isoforms. [provided by RefSeq
  • Other Designations:
  • P-30 antigen,gamma-seminoprotein,kallikrein 3, (prostate specific antigen),prostate specific antigen,semenogelase,seminin
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