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Last updated: 2018/1/21
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PIK3R5 purified MaxPab rabbit polyclonal antibody (D01P)MaxPab

  • Catalog # : H00023533-D01P
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  • Specification
  • Product Description:
  • Rabbit polyclonal antibody raised against a full-length human PIK3R5 protein.
  • Immunogen:
  • PIK3R5 (AAH28212.1, 1 a.a. ~ 494 a.a) full-length human protein.
  • Sequence:
  • Host:
  • Rabbit
  • Reactivity:
  • Human
  • Quality Control Testing:
  • Antibody reactive against mammalian transfected lysate.
  • Storage Buffer:
  • In 1x PBS, pH 7.4
  • Storage Instruction:
  • Store at -20°C or lower. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
  • Applications
  • Western Blot (Transfected lysate)
  • Western Blot (Transfected lysate)
  • Western Blot analysis of PIK3R5 expression in transfected 293T cell line (H00023533-T02) by PIK3R5 MaxPab polyclonal antibody.

    Lane 1: PIK3R5 transfected lysate(54.90 KDa).
    Lane 2: Non-transfected lysate.
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  • In situ Proximity Ligation Assay (Cell)
  • <em>In situ</em> Proximity Ligation Assay (Cell)
  • Proximity Ligation Analysis of protein-protein interactions between PIK3R5 and PIK3CG. HeLa cells were stained with anti-PIK3R5 rabbit purified polyclonal 1:1200 and anti-PIK3CG mouse monoclonal antibody 1:50. Each red dot represents the detection of protein-protein interaction complex, and nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue).
  • Application Image
  • Western Blot (Transfected lysate)
  • Western Blot (Transfected lysate)
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  • In situ Proximity Ligation Assay (Cell)
  • <em>In situ</em> Proximity Ligation Assay (Cell)
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  • Gene Information
  • Gene Name:
  • PIK3R5
  • Gene Alias:
  • F730038I15Rik,FOAP-2,P101-PI3K,p101
  • Gene Description:
  • phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 5
  • Gene Summary:
  • Receptor-regulated class I phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3Ks) phosphorylate the membrane lipid phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PtdIns(4,5)P2) to PtdIns(3,4,5)P3, which in turn recruits and activates cytosolic effectors involved in proliferation, survival, or chemotaxis. PIK3R5 is a PI3K regulatory subunit (Brock et al., 2003 [PubMed 12507995]).[supplied by OMIM
  • Other Designations:
  • phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 5, p101,phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit, polypeptide p101
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