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Last updated: 2014/7/21
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ClearCell® CX - Label-Free, Circulating Tumor Cell Microfiltration System

Abnova’s ClearCell® CX is a label-free, microfiltration system for capture, enumeration, and retrieval of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Circulating tumor cells are cancer cells that have detached from the main tumor before entering the bloodstream. They represent an important transition in cancer transformation and metastasis, and portend significant clinical impact in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and monitoring.

ClearCell® CX system utilizes a proprietary CTChip® size exclusion technology based on sophisticated fluid dynamics and myriads of crescent-shaped microwells to ensure capturing of CTCs while leaving other whole blood constituents to flow through. Although CTCs and larger white blood cells are of comparable sizes, CTCs are stiffer, less deformable, and effectively trapped within the microwells.

ClearCell® CX has a built-in real time imaging system for viewing and digitizing the images during the isolation process. CTChip® allows for cell enumeration by counting the numbers of CTCs which have been isolated in the chip. The entire CTChip® can also be transferred to a fluorescent microscope for immunofluorescence and FISH probe staining for examination and characterization of tumor cells.

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Applications of CTCs

  • Capture, enumeration, and retrieval
  • Protein and gene characterization
  • Cell culture and functional studies
  • Animal cancer model research
  • Clinical cancer research
Advantages of ClearCell® CX Platform

  • Separate CTChip® for staining & retrieval
  • Transferrable CTChip® for fluorescent studies
  • Real-time imaging of cell isolation
Advantages of CTChip®

  • Cell Capture, enumeration, and staining
  • Retrieval of wholly intact, viable CTCs
  • Label-free, not rely on capture antibody
  • High Capture efficiency



Chip Holder

FetoChip Holder


CTChip® CS

CTChip™ for retrieval

CTChip® CR


Cell Isolation, Enumeration, and Staining
CTC isolation from clinical blood samples of metastatic lung cancer patients. (A) Phase contrast images of isolated CTC after blood processing. Scale bar represents 10μm. (B) Immunofluorescence staining of isolated cells being Pan-CK positive (green), CD45 negative (red) and DAPI positive (blue) to identify cancer and hematopoietic cells. Scale bar represents 20 μm.
Retrieval of Wholly Intact, Viable CTCs
Cell proliferation comparison between normal cultures (control) and retrieved cells over a period of 5 days. No observable differences in cell proliferation rate for MCF-7 cancer cells. Scale bar represents 100μm.
Label-Free, Not Rely on Capture Antibody
Crescent-shaped isolation wells gently separate CTCs from other blood components based on the difference in sizes and cell deformability while protecting the cells from damage.
High Cell Purity
CTC isolation from clinical blood samples of metastatic lung cancer patients. Immunofluorescence staining of isolated cells to identify cancer cells (A) DAPI with blue fluorescence and (B) Pan-CK with green fluorescence, and hematopoietic cells (C) CD45 negative. (D) Merged picture of (A), (B), and (C). Only CTCs are trapped in our device, while the rest of blood constituents continue to flow through smoothly, thereby achieving higher specificity and purity of the sample. Scale bar represents 20 μm.
High Isolation Sensitivity & Retrieval Efficiency
Whole blood processing in the CTChip® from actual cancer patient blood. Bottom Left: CTC isolated during blood processing; Right: CTC isolated after completed blood processing. Under optimum conditions, CTChip® is able to successfully trap cancer cells with at least 80% isolation efficiency. Retrieval is done by simply altering the flow direction such that the CTCs stream towards the cell collection point. The rounded crescent base of the wells minimizes obstruction and protects the CTCs against trauma, thereby ensuring a high percentile of retrieval.
General Specifications

Dimensions: 42cm(h) x 24cm(d) x 16cm(w)
Weight (kg): 16
Power: 100~240V
Current: max. 1 A
Operating Temperature: 15-30°C
Imaging Module Specifications

Frame resolution: 1024 x 768 (in maximum view)
Frame rate: ~8Hz
XY Movement: 25mm
Image Output Format: JPG
Video Output Format: AVI (custom codec may be required)
Environmental Specifications

Storage Temperature: 5 - 40°C
Operation Environment: For indoor use
Altitude: Up to 2000m
Pollution Degree: 1or 2, in accordance with IEC66
Humidity: Maximum 80% Relative Humidity (RH) up to 30°C, decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40°C
Antibody & Accessory

  • CTChip®
  • -ClearCell® CTChip® CS (U0069)
    -ClearCell® CTChip® CR (U0070)


  • Nucleus Staining Reagent
  • -DAPI


  • Basic Panel Antibody
  • -CD45 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    -Cytokeratin 8/18 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    -EPCAM monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)


  • Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Antibody
  • -CDH1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - CDH2 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - CDH11 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - SNAI1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - SNAI2 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - CTNNB1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    -ZEB1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - VIM monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - CLDN1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - MCAM polyclonal antibody (unconjugated)


  • Stem Cancer Cell Antibody
  • - MYC monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    -POU5F1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - CD44 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)
    - MXI1 monoclonal antibody (unconjugated)


  • Secondary Antibody
  • - Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) secondary antibody (Fluorescein)


  • Ready-to-Use Conjugated Antibody
  • -EpCAM monoclonal antibody (PE-conjugated)
    -EpCAM monoclonal antibody (FITC-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (FITC-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (APC-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (PE-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (PerCP-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (PE-Dyomics 590-conjugated)
    -CD45 monoclonal antibody (PE-Dyomics 647-conjugated)
    -Cytokeratin 8/18 monoclonal antibody (FITC -conjugated)


    ClearCell® CTChip® CS

    CTChip™ for retrieval
    ClearCell® CTChip® CR


  • Operator Maunal
  • ClearCell® CX System Operator Manual.


  • Application Note
  • Using the CTChip® CS-Staining for Isolation and Enumeration.
    Using the CTChip® CR-Retrieval for Isolation and Retrieval.


  • Technology
  • 1. Microdevice for the isolation and enumeration of cancer cells from blood.
    2. Versatile label free biochip for the detection of circulation tumor cells from peripheral blood in cancer patients.


  • Translational Research
  • 1. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cell cooperativity in metastasis.
    2. Molecular aspects of tumor cell migration and invasion.
    3. Stem cell and epithelial-mesenchymal transition markers are frequently overexpressed in circulating tumor cells of metastatic breast cancer patients.


  • Preclinical Research
  • 1. Circulation tumor cells are transcriptionally similar to primary tumor in a murine prostate model.
    2. Systemic spread is an early step in breast cancer.
    3. Novel therapies against aggressive and recurrent epithelial cancers by molecular targeting tumor-and metastasis-initiating cells and their progenies.


  • Clinical Research
  • 1. Utilizing circulating tumor cells: challenges and pitfalls.
    2. Circulating tumor cells: advances in detection methods, biological issues, and clinical relevance.


  • Clinical Application (FDA Approved)
  • 1. Circulating tumor cells predict survival benefit from treatment in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
    2. Circulating tumor cells, disease progression, and survival in metastatic breast cancer.
    3. Relationship of circulating tumor cells to tumor response, progression-free survival, and overall survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.


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