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Last updated: 2023/5/29
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RapidScan™ One Reader

Abnova’s RapidScan™ One Reader is a cassette reader designed to read all types of lateral flow assays fast, accurately, and safely. Featuring unique scanning function upgradable from colorimetric to fluorescent, RapidScan™ One Reader analyzes the strip, interprets the signal and provides users with qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative results. With Ethernet connection, the reader uploads results to cloud for data analysis and access control tracking. Also, wireless networking allows users to use PC or any mobile device with WiFi to operate reader via web UI. The reader is ideal for mass rapid test screening and automatic, real-time reporting of disease transmission for public health management.

As RapidScan™ One Reader supports all types of lateral flow assay, we welcome partnership with organizations and industries to provide solutions to adapt your demands for different rapid testing.

Catalog#: M0024
Price: Please Inquire
Regulatory Status: GMP

  • All Types of Lateral Flow Assay

  • Fast – Read the test in seconds
  • Precise – Minimize human errors
  • Safe – Sterilize internally by UVC
  • Secure – Store data privately
  • Application – Support mass rapid test screening and pandemic control
  • Upgrade – Colorimetric to fluorescent

RapidScan™ One Reader


Interpretation of Colorimetric Results



Dimensions: 110mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 82mm(H)
Weight: Approximately 750g
User Interface: Web UI, Start Up Button & Indicator Light
Power Supply: DC 12V 1.5A
Connections: USB 2.0x1, Ethernet & WiFi connection
Connectivity: Internal QR Code Reader, Data Management Software
Storage Temperature: -25 to 70°C
Storage Humidity: Humidity Max. 70% Non Condensing
Operating Environment: For Indoor / Outdoor Use
Operating Temperature: 10 to 30℃
Operating Humidity: Humidity Max. 70% Non Condensing
System Clean: UVC sterilization
Product Performance

Scanner Function: Scanning Rapid Test & QR code
Cassette Dimensions: Flexible Cassette Adaptor
Operating System: Linux Embedded System
Measurable Qantity of Cassette: 1 Cassette Each Time
Measurement Time: 15-25 Seconds, 1 Strip, 2 Lines
Result Interpretation: Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative and Quantitative Detection with Several Algorithms Available
Data Compatibility: Results can be read from the web on PC and mobile devices
File Format: CSV & JPG file
Memory Capacity: Up to 1000 Test Results
Reproducibility: Intra-Device CV*: < 3%; Inter-Device CV < 5%

Optical System: CMOS
Signal Detection: Fluorescent or Colorimetric Assay
Illumination: White LED and UV LED
*CV: coefficient of variation
Lateral Flow Assay

COVID-19 Rapid Test
  • COVID-19 Human IgM IgG Rapid Test (Catalog #: DC0301)
  • COVID-19 Viral Antigen Rapid Test (CE IVD) (Catalog #: DC0302)
  • COVID-19 Viral Antigen Rapid Test (Taiwan EUA) (Catalog #: DC0304)
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