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Last updated: 2019/4/21
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Protemist® XE - Large-Scale Protein Expression

Abnova presents Protemist® XE, a fully-automated desktop protein synthesizer for large-scale, low cost, eukaryotic protein production. The system uses a special wheat germ lysate and a batch reaction method developed and prepared by CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. Protemist® XE is ideally suited for producing 10 mg to over 500 mg of protein for assay development, functional and structural analysis. A unique "Filter-and-Feed" translation method maximizes protein yield by a programmed replenishment of translation buffer and mRNA. The protocol and automation is designed for easy operation obviating the need for manual handling and production.

Catalog # : M0005
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  • Fully automated 24- to 48-hour campaign of wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis
  • Computer-controlled continual filter-and-feed translation through intermittent replenishment of substrate buffer and mRNA
  • Adjustable translation reaction volume ranging from 10 ml to 50 ml
  • Approximate 10 mg crude GFP protein production per ml reaction volume with high performance wheat germ extract in WEPRO®7240/8240 series

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Filter-and-Feed Translation Reaction
* Product of Sartorius. The solution is progressively concentrated and micro-molecules pass through

Dimensions: 46cm(h) x 30.4cm(d) x 52.5cm(w)
Weight: 20 kg
Power: 100~240 V 50/60 Hz
Number of Sample Per Run: 1
Reaction Volumes: 10 ml to 40 ml
Protein Production Range: Up to 10 mg/ml reaction volume
Working Temperature: 4°C - 26°C
Peristaltic Pump: Maximum flow rate 250 ml/min (distilled water)
Stirrer: Variable revolution 10 - 1000 rpm
Solution Level Detection Sensor: Optical sensor with elevating unit
Bubble Detection Sensor: Optical sensor
Interface: Serial and USB to a notebook PC provided with the unit
Software: Preinstalled in the notebook PC provided with the unit
Environmental Condition: Installed in an incubator (incubator not included)
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