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Technology Wheat Germ Protein Technology

Abnova's cell-free protein synthesis system is based on the eukaryotic translation apparatus of wheat germ. This system has significant advantages over other commonly used protein expression systems. Proteins generated from this wheat germ technology have been assessed to show retention of correct foldings and biological functions. The platform is designed for scaled-up protein expression and amenable to production of many proteins.
Custom In Vitro Wheat Germ Protein Expression
● Test-scale expression to assess the yield and solubility of the protein
● High Solubility, High Yield, High Success Rate
Peptide / Phospho-Peptide Design
● High quality custom synthesis for all tasks in research and antibody production
● Your desired peptide sequence, length, purity, and quantity
Epitope Mapping
● Perform peptide synthesis, detect epitope with your antibody and data interpretation
● Complete documentation of the results
Conjugation Service
● Conjugation with fluorescent dyes, phycobiliproteins (RPE, APC, cl-APC), FITC, streptavidin, biotin and horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
● Test-Scale Optimization tested and HPLC analysis prior to mass labeling
Mouse Protein Expression
● Access to more than 102,000 full-length sequenced cDNA clones from mouse
● Full-length cDNA cloning and test- scale protein expression
Protein Expression
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More Custom Development Services Available:

Abnova designed more custom development services with guaranteed success based on extensive experiences for production over 10,000 gene targets.
● High success rate, short turnaround time and competitive prices
● Proprietary hybridoma technology and automated expression system
● State-of-the-art Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) facility

Monoclonal Antibody Production Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Polyclonal Antibody Production Antibody Pairs For ELISA Kits
FISH Probes*    
*Custom FISH Probes are not available in Japan.
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