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When it comes to bioassay methods, most people think of immunoassays right away. Immunoassays are tests used to quantify or identify a particular substance in a sample by measuring the specific binding of antibody-antigen complexes and to detect them via an indicator reaction. Most widely used immunoassay methods are ELISAs. Abnova has developed 1,600+ ELISA kits targeting a variety of research areas, such as apoptosis, autoimmune diseases, signal transduction, and many more.

Don't forget there are more bioassay formats available than the common ELISAs. Abnova now carries 500+ assay kits in a variety of formats including screening kits and detection assays to measure the activities of analytes. These kits have enabled high assay sensitivity with an emphasis on superior analytical characteristics and user-friendly kit performance. Each kit has gone through rigorous validation and stability tests to ensure high precision, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity. With the various assay formats available, we have made it easier for you to select from 9 categories:
  Activity Assay Apoptosis Cell Damage and Oxidative Stress  
  Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Epigenetic Fluorescent Protein  
  Metabolism Signal Transduction Others  
We are continually expanding our kit portfolio to meet our customers' needs. Abnova provides a total solution for antibody applications for quantitative measurement of your protein of interest, so you can focus on more important parts of your research instead of the arduous task of searching and testing for the matching antibody components.
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2012 Activity Magnet Collection - March Fun
March Fun " Ha Ha, Just KITTING! "

Come Join Abnova's March Fun! Match the most suitable antibody with the analyte, and top it off with a labeled detection antibody. Pair up as many ELISA combinations as you can in two minutes and receive a small round magnet when you score 1000 points or higher. Collect all three styles and redeem for a USD $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

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Need your very special Monoclonal Antibodies, but can't seem to find them anywhere? Abnova offers Mouse Mab customization with guaranteed success. Ask Us for more details!   Congratulations to Ajit Singh, the winner of February's Member Drawing for iPhone 4S. Now it's your turn. Just sign up to win a HTC Sensation XL! No purchase necessary!   Start to use Abnova's reagents today! If your research culminates in a publication, we will reward you with one free antibody (Cat.# HXXXXXXXX-XXX) voucher voucher for your next purchase. Moreover, we will post your publication on our website accessible to all investigators.
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