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High Throughput Nucleic Acid Purification and Immunoprecipitation

Abnova's PrecipitorTM system is an automated magnetic bead platform for high throughput precipitation and purification of nucleic acids and proteins. PrecipitorTM allows easy handling of multiple different assays simultaneously by transferring beads from one well to the next for mixing, binding, washing, and elution reactions via the robotic action of parallel magnetic rods. Maximum of 32 analytes or assays can be executed at one time! PrecipitorTM can be used to extract DNA, RNA or proteins from a wide range of sources, including blood, tissue, virus, plants, and more. Its simplified automation processes ensure easy change of parameters tailored to your experiment, so you do not sacrifice the accuracy of your results for the convenience of effortless operation. The results from PrecipitorTM are far more consistent and reproducible due to absence of common contaminations and problems from manual operations. Moreover, you can select from large scope of available purification kits and antibody reagents to accelerate your research even more!

● Rapid, multi-step automation
● Compatible with 96 well plate format
● Reproducibility and consistency of results
● Multiplex analysis of up to 32 analytes
● No external device or PC required

Watch Video PrecipitorTM 32
  Abnova recently updated several new nucleic acid purification kits that are specially designed for PrecipitorTM :
Gram Bacteria DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Gram Bacteria DNA Purification Kit
Gram Bacteria RNA Purification Kit
Tissue Total DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Tissue DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Tissue RNA Purification Kit
Plant DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Plant DNA Purification Kit
Plant RNA Purification Kit
Blood and Buffy Coat
Maxi Blood DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Midi Blood DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Mini Blood DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Blood / Cultured Cell DNA Purification Kit
Buffy Coat DNA Purification Kit
Blood RNA Purification Kit
Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
Rice DNA Purification Kit (Pre-filled)
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