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PNA is a synthetic oligonucleotide with peptide backbones instead of sugar groups. It binds to its complementary DNA template sequence with a higher affinity and specificity than DNA-DNA binding. The resulting PNA-DNA duplex is not recognized by DNA polymerases and thus makes it the ideal clamp to inhibit PCR of the wtDNA and allows for amplification of the unobstructed mutated DNA sequences. The PNA clamps are sensitive enough to discriminate against single-base mismatches in nucleotides and are considered as one of the best options for researches on DNA diagnostics.
PNA-DNA duplex
Product Showcase
Resources for the programmed cell death process.
  Cytochrome c ELISA Kit
Kit for quantitative measurement of human Cytochrome c.
  SQSTM1 Collection
Antibodies, antibody pairs, proteins and siRNA for SQSTM1.
  Circulating Tumor Cell Ab
200+ antibodies to CD45, cytokeratins, cancer stem cells and EMT markers.
  Malaria Antibody
9 antibodies raised against Plasmodium falciparum (Malaria).
  Glioma Antibody
320+ antibodies for glial cells related antigens and research.

Abnova’s PNA Mutation Detection Kit uses optimized PNA clamps that bind tightly to their complementary DNA sequences and have high stability for inhibition of PCR amplification. This allows for amplifications of only the mutant target DNA in the mixture of major wild-type and minor mutated DNA sequences. There are 3 PNA Mutation Detection Kits available, targeting KRAS, BRAF, and EGFR oncogenes and their somatic mutations individually. KRAS and BRAF genes are involved in several cancers, including colorectal, thyroid, and lung cancers. EGFR is highly related to non-small cell lung cancers which consist 80 – 85% of all lung cancers.

Try Abnova’s PNA Mutation Detection Kits and improve your researches with more rapid, sensitive, and accurate techniques/assays.

PNA binding
  • Fast and accurate detection of any mutation by real-time PCR
  • High reproducibility and compatible with real-time PCR machines
  • High sensitivity (<1% of mutated DNA sequence can be detected)
  • Convenient formulated master reagent mixtures
  • Easy test protocol and total procedure takes <3 hours
  • Only small amount of DNA sample needed (approx. 1 ng)
  • Analysis
      1. Peptide nucleic acid clamp PCR: a novel K-ras Mutation detection assay for colorectal cancer micrometastses in lymph nodes. Taback et al., Int. J. Cancer 111: 409-414  
      2. PNA-mediated real-time PCR Clamping for detection of EGFR mutations. Jae-jin Choi, Minhey Cho, Hyunsun Kim, Min-seock Kil, Heekyung Park, Bull. Korean Chem Soc. (31)12: 3525-29  
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