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Last updated: 2018/1/21
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Free New Apple TV

Sign-up for Abnova’s membership now and you will have a chance to win a free New Apple TV when it is launched. No purchase is required.
Apple TV is redeemable according to terms and conditions* shown below.

Sign-up membership advantages:

  • . Receive monthly product and news updates
  • . Obtain exclusive promotion details
  • . Quick solution through online messages
  • . Convenient online purchases
  • . Track order history and status




Terms and Conditions*
1. One free Apple TV can only be won by monthly draw among new sign-ups of the month who have provided a valid e-mail address. Winner will be notified by the marketing department of Abnova through email.
2. Free Apple TV is only available in countries within the reach of Apple online store. Please note that shipping and delivery will be limited according to Apple TV online store.
3. Abnova reserves the right to determine the qualification of individuals fitted for free Apple TV and the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer without notice at any time.
4. Abnova will not share personal information to third parties. Please view our privacy policy.
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