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  • Micropipette Guideline

    Pipetman is a precision instrument and should be treated with the level of care appropriate for laboratory instrumentation. This video provides some pipetting guidelines and precautions.

    Publish: 2010/10/21

  • Sonicator

    Sonicator agitates particles in a sample by applying sound (usually ultrasound) energy. In the laboratory, it is usually applied using an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic probe.

    Publish: 2010/10/4

  • Pipette (Glass) Washing

    Pipettes are the laboratory instruments used to transport a measured volume of liquid. This video shows you how to wash the reusable glass pipettes.

    Publish: 2011/1/21

  • Tissue Grinder

    The tissue grinder provides rapid and efficient disruption of up to 12 biological samples, including animal and human tissues, plant tissues, bacteria, and yeast. Disruption and homogenization are achieved through the beating and grinding effect of beads on the sample material as they are shaken together in 2 ml sample tubes.

    Publish: 2010/11/26

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