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  • Publish: 2014/7/22
  • Time: 4:41
First identified in 1969, avian IgY has now become a well characterized research reagent commercially available. For decades, extensive research has been carried out on its biological function, physiochemical property, production and purification. More than a alternative to mammalian IgG, IgY possesses several advantages over polyclonal antibodies raised in mammals, such as a much more hygienic, cost efficient, and humane manufacturing process. Abnova now brings you our latest series of avian antibodies for your choice. Please visit the webpage "New Chicken Antibodies" for more information. Here we present a brief introduction to the immunization of the chicken.
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  • Urinalysis

    Urinalysis is one of the most common methods in medical diagnosis. It includes an array of tests performed with urine, such as the concentration of ions, trace metals, protein and other molecules. In principle, the test result of test strips can be read as color changes. With automated urine analyzer, artifacts of data judgment can be further avoided. Here is a brief demonstration of regular urine test using urine test strip in concert with automated analyzer.

    Publish: 2014/6/24

  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer - Nanodrop®

    The Thermo Scientific Nanodrop® is a full-spectrum spectrophotometer that measures 1 ul samples with high accuracy and reproducibility. It utilizes a sample retention technology that eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and allows for clean up in seconds.

    Publish: 2010/10/11

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