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Press Release: Abnova Launches Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Technology and Services

Press Release: Abnova Launches Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Technology and Services

Abnova Launches Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Technology and Services

Neihu, Taiwan (September 10, 2012)

Abnova announces today the launch of rabbit monoclonal antibody technology and services.  Technology accessibility, intellectual property, and higher cost have long hampered the widespread adoption and application of rabbit monoclonal antibody.  Unlocking this barrier is critical to success of proteomics and biotech industry where traditional antibody tools such as mouse monoclonal antibody and rabbit polyclonal antibody encounter their limitations.  Abnova recognizes the importance of rabbit monoclonal antibody for research, development and commercialization.  The new technology and services are made available to researchers and developers in the research and in vitro diagnostic community.

Abnova has integrated a robust and high throughput platform for the generation of rabbit monoclonal antibody.  A wide variety of antigens can be used for rabbit immunization.  Rabbit possesses a broader yet non-tolerant immunologic repertoire for antibody development.  Conventional rabbit monoclonal antibody technology uses myeloma fusion for screening of rabbit monoclone hybridoma.  This archaic methodology has a narrower antibody repertoire and poor yield of antibody secretion from rabbit hybridoma.  In contrast, Abnova uses a non-fusion antibody library to screen for a greater number of clones of highest affinity and exquisite specificity.  The selected clone is introduced into a proprietary expression vector for transient and scalable antibody production for many downstream applications.  Customers can access the rabbit serum for pre-testing, antibody sequence for antibody engineering, and purified antibody for their specific application of interest.


About Abnova

Abnova is applying its expertise in antibody and protein manufacturing to the development of systems, in vitro diagnostics, and therapeutics. Abnova has successfully introduced a rich pipeline of bio-tool reagents for antibody pairs and ELISA kits, and integrated systems for high throughput immunoprecipitation (Precipitor®), protein-protein interaction (Interactor®), and isolation of circulating tumor cell (Captor®) with complementary, validated antibody applications. Abnova has applied its large antibody library to tissue and plasma-based expression profiling (Proteoscreen®) for identification of novel biomarkers targeting lung, prostate, and ovarian cancers. These biomarkers form the basis of companion diagnostics and molecular targeted therapies in the new era of personalized medicine.
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