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Press Release: Olink and Abnova sign distribution agreement for the North American market

Press Release: Olink and Abnova sign distribution agreement for the North American market

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Olink Bioscience and Abnova sign distribution agreement for the North American market

Neihu, Taiwan and Uppsala, Sweden (August 31, 2009).

Olink Bioscience and the Abnova Corporation have signed a distributorship agreement appointing Abnova distributor for the Duolink® in situ PLATM product line in the USA. This agreement is an expansion of a previous co-marketing/co-development agreement under which the companies have been collaborating on the validation of hundreds of target-specific assays for studies of protein phosphorylation and protein interactions based on primary antibodies from Abnova and the Duolink product line from Olink Biosceince.

"Abnova, one of the world's largest providers of quality antibody reagents, is a perfect partner for Olink Bioscience to accelerate our penetration of the US market and to establish Duolink as a standard for high-performance in situ studies of proteins, protein interactions and protein modifications" says Peter Karlberg, Director of Sales and Marketing at Olink Bioscience.

The Duolink product line is based on Olink Biosciences proprietary in situ PLA, a proximity ligation assay technology that extends the capabilities of traditional immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry to include direct detection of proteins, protein interactions and modifications with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity. Target proteins are detected with single molecule resolution, allowing digital quantification and information about the exact localization of the target. Furthermore, the proteins can be studied at normal expression levels in fixed cells and tissue sections.


About Abnova

Abnova is a bio-tool proteomic company specializing in high throughput protein expression and antibody production. The system Abnova has developed is a unique combination of world-class technologies and management experience of the IT industry in Taiwan. The company's goal is to vastly expand the scope and availability of bio-tool reagents. As such, it is a taking a genome-wide approach to the production of human recombinant protein and antibody, and is developing a portfolio of integrated and systemized applications including immuno- and multiplex assays covering protein families that are essential to the drug discovery and diagnostic industries.

About Olink Bioscience

Olink Bioscience is a privately held biotech supply company based in Uppsala, Sweden founded in 2004. The company controls significant IP covering technologies related to detection and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. These technologies are commercialized as proprietary Olink Biosicence products, in spin-out companies and in collaboration with external organization. In 2007 Olink Bioscience introduced the Duolink product line for in situ detection of proteins, protein interactions and protein modifications. These products are based on PLA, a proximity ligation assays technology which use dual recognition of the analyte in combination with a DNA amplification based reporter system, resulting in unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. The technology is available as reagent kits and contract research projects through Olink Bioscience.

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