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Press Release: Abnova Introduce New Membrane Protein Proteoliposome Products for Drug Discovery

Press Release: Abnova Introduce New Membrane Protein Proteoliposome Products for Drug Discovery

Abnova Introduce New Membrane Protein Proteoliposome Products for Drug Discovery

Neihu, Taiwan (April 8, 2011)

Abnova Corporation introduces a new line of proteoliposome products consisting of human membrane proteins expressed in liposome for the drug discovery and validation markets. The new products encompass a comprehensive collection of druggable proteins such as CD (Clustered Differentiation) and GPCR (G Protein Coupled Receptor) representing major targets for antibody and small molecule drug development and disease intervention. These proteoliposomes not only provide the worldwide researchers and pharmaceutical customers with the convenience and accessibility of these powerful tools but they also serves as armamentarium to Abnova’s own therapeutic antibody development pipeline. The sales of these new proteins is expected to further increase the total protein sales currently being generated from the existing catalogue proteins offered through the distributor network and direct channels.

The protein technology behind the proteoliposome products uses the wheat germ system to generate the membrane protein of interest while simultaneously incorporating the expressed protein into a proprietary liposome in a highly efficient in vitro environment. Traditional membrane protein production in E. coli, insect cell, and mammalian cell expression systems is characterized by low yield, insolubility, and poor folding which leads to decreased protein stability and function. In addition, these proteins are expressed exclusively in an in vivo environment under the constraint of cell membrane which limits the protein production efficiency and prevents the incorporation liposome during the protein translational processes. On the other hand, the in vitro wheat germ system does have such constraint and the liposome vehicle can be added to the translational mixture quite readily. The liposome stabilizes the newly expressed proteins by providing a lipid bilayer environment for proper protein folding, thereby also indirectly increasing the yield of protein production. Correct membrane protein folding is essential to its biological function for drug screening and characterization. Moreover, the proteoliposome is amenable to easy purification for many downstream applications.

In addition to the general protein sales, Abnova plans to reach out to the biotech and pharmaceutical customers with specialized request and specification for their membrane proteins of interest. These projects are established on a customized, fee-for-service basis. Abnova will also explore the opportunity to leverage this technology and collaborate with synergistic companies to further expand its drug development programs.


About Abnova

Abnova is a biotech company specializing in high throughput protein expression and antibody production. The manufacturing infrastructure Abnova has developed is a unique combination of world-class technologies and management experience of the IT industry in Taiwan. The company has vastly expanded the scope and availability of bio-tool reagents by taking a genome-wide approach to the production of human recombinant protein and antibody. In addition, it has developed a portfolio of system applications including antibody pairs, ELISA kits and assays, fluorescence in situ hybridization probes, label-free protein quantification and point-of-care, in vitro diagnostic instruments which are essential to the translational research, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. (www.abnova.com)
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