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Press Release: Abnova Partnership with Wellconn Diagnostics™ to Provide Medical Laboratory Services

Press Release: Abnova Partnership with Wellconn Diagnostics™ to Provide Medical Laboratory Services

Abnova Partnership with Wellconn Diagnostics™ to Provide Medical Laboratory Services

Neihu, Taiwan (May 15, 2014)

Abnova Corporation announced today it has partnership with Wellconn Diagnostics™ (www.wellconn.com) to expand each company’s business scope in the rapidly growing, medical laboratory market. The field of fetal and cancer cell testing have undergone drastic changes in recent years due to advances and applications in next generation sequencing and companion diagnostics. Human serum and tissue represent the traditional clinical samples for protein and DNA analyses. However, the interrogation of fetal cells and circulating tumor cells represents an unmet need in the clinical service markets, especially for earlier prenatal diagnosis and personalized cancer management. Wellconn Diagnostics™ is an independent ISO15189 medical service laboratory established in Neihu, Taiwan.

Wellconn Diagnostics and Abnova efficiently leverage on each other’s expertise and infrastructure to operate and compete in the medical laboratory market. Abnova’s core competence in GMP grade analytical bioreagent and system complements Wellconn Diagnostics’ state-of-the art medical laboratory and open access to clinical and industrial networks. Abnova has built a multidisciplinary capability in monoclonal antibody, FISH probe and instrumentation design, engineering, and manufacturing under ISO13485 standardizations. These synergistic bio-tools and technologies are integrated as laboratory developed tests (LDTs) to identify, isolate, retrieve, and analyze fetal and cancer cells for diagnosis, prediction, and monitoring of disease progression and treatment response. Wellconn Diagnostics™ has assimilated a valued network of clinical and industrial partners to commercialize these LTDs by servicing the medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical customers and collaborators.

The size of the prenatal testing industry will grow to $1.6 billion by 2017 according to Frost & Sullivan. The current cell-free DNA testing of the patient’s serum for early prenatal diagnosis falls short of only identifying trisomy and sex chromosomes. In contrast, isolating and retrieving the fetal cell provides the access to nuclear genome for advanced genetic analyses via Bac-on-Beads (BoB™), array comparative genomics hybridization (aCGH) , and next generation sequencing (NGS). According to Transparency Market Research, the circulating tumor cell market is expected to reach $7.9 billion in 2018. The current system is for cell enumeration only, without the ability to isolate and retrieve cells for protein characterizations, DNA analyses, and cellular studies. These technical voids signify untapped revenue opportunities in the clinical testing market.


About Abnova

Abnova has established a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated solutions and services to address the needs of the clinical research and in vitro diagnostic industry. Abnova’s ISO13485 and GMP certified facility provide its customers and medical service laboratory partner access to monoclonal antibody, ELISA kit, FISH probe, and circulating cell isolation and retrieval system. (www.abnova.com)

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