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Assay Designs™, Inc. Announces Agreement with Abnova Corp. of Taiwan

Assay Designs™, Inc. Announces Agreement with Abnova Corp. of Taiwan

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Emily Riess
Assay Designs, Inc.
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Ann Arbor, MI 48108
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Assay Designs™ , Inc. Announces Agreement with Abnova Corp. of Taiwan

ANN ARBOR, MI, (Nov 5, 2008) – Assay Designs, Inc., a leading provider of immunoassay kits, antibodies, and reagents to the life science and translational research markets, has announced a strategic agreem ent with A bnova Corporation of Taiwan. The agreement enables Assay Designs to distribute approxim ately 3,200 of A bnova's highly characterized monoclonal antibodies to their U .S. and Canadian customers. This major product addition expands Assay Designs' current product portfolio to include over 5,300 reagents for im portant research areas such as cell signaling, cellular stress, neuroscience, and inflammation.

‘This new partnership with Abnova expands our current product portfolio trem endously with high quality monoclonals for a broad range of applications and research areas”, stated Dan Calvo, CEO of Assay Designs. “A bnova’s capacity to develop and produce antibodies is very complementary to our current antibody and immunoassay businesses, and affords our custom er base easy access to their most highly characterized monoclonals for applications such as ELISA , immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence as well as western blotting.”

A bnova’s mission is to be the world's largest antibody distributor. They have the capacity of generating 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies and 500 rabbit polyclonal antibodies per month. “We are very pleased to be collaborating with Assay Designs on broadening the exposure and accessibility of Abnova antibody and proteins products in the research m arket”, states Wilber Huang, CEO of Abnova. “Moreover, Assay D esigns’ expertise in immunoassay and system development highly com plements Abnova's capability in industrial-scale antibody manufacturing based on “one gene one antibody” translation of the human genome. A ssay Designs and Abnova will work closely together to realize next generation of analytical products which will accelerate the translational research in the proteomics era.”

About Assay Designs, Inc.
Based in Ann Arbor, M I, Assay Designs develops and manufactures immunoassay (ELISA ) kits, luminescent reagents, antibodies, proteins, and extracts used for life sciences research. The company markets these products under the Assay Designs and Stressgen® brand names. Researchers use the company's products to detect and quantify molecules that are important in inflammation, cell signaling, and cellular stress. New assay platforms include MultiBead™ beadbased multiplex immunoassay kits and ImmunoSet™ ELISA development reagents.

About Abnova Corporation
Abnova is a bio-tool proteomic company specializing in automated, high throughput protein expression and antibody production. The system Abnova has developed is a unique combination of world-class technologies and management experience of the IT industry in Taiwan. The company's goal is to vastly expand the scope and availability of bio-tool reagents. As such, it is a taking a genome-wide approach to the production of human recombinant protein and antibody, and is developing a portfolio of integrated and systemized applications including immuno- and multiplexassays covering protein families that are essential to the drug discovery and diagnostic industries.
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