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2020/12/08 Press Release: Abnova Completes COVID-19 Viral Antigen Rapid Test US Clinical Study, Sensitivity 100% and Specificity 96%.
2020/11/04 Press Release: Abnova Initiates COVID-19 Viral Antigen Rapid Testing in Japan and US
2020/10/26 Press Release: Abnova & Leadgene Develop High Sensitivity COVID-19 Viral Antigen Rapid Tests
2020/10/14 Press Release: Abnova & Leadgene Completes COVID-19 Antibody Humanization and Validation for its 7F7 Best-in-Class Antibody Lead Candidate
2020/09/09 Press Release: Abnova Expands COVID-19 IgM IgG Rapid Test with Finger Prick Utility and Production Capacity to 100K Per Month
2020/08/12 Press Release: Abnova Builds COVID-19 Sales Momentum and Gains New 200K Viral Extraction Order from US
2020/07/16 Press Release: Abnova Receives Second Large Quantity 100K Order for its EUA Approved COVID-19 Viral Extraction Kit. Abnova’s June First 100K Order Starts Shipment Out This Month
2020/07/13 Press Release: Abnova’s COVID-19 Human IgM IgG Rapid Test Gains CE-IVD Approval and Sales Order from Abroad
2020/07/01 Press Release: Abnova’s EUA Approved COVID-19 Viral Extraction Kit Captured More Significant Orders as Market Demand Outpaced Supply
2020/06/17 Press Release: Abnova & Assurance Scientific Received FDA Clinical Laboratory EUA Approval for its COVID-19 Viral Extraction Kit
2020/06/11 Press Release: Abnova Accelerates its COVID-19 Therapeutic Antibody Humanization with Leadgene Biomedical
2020/05/12 Press Release: Abnova Moves its Self-Amplifying mRNA Vaccine Testing to Larger Animals Targeting COVID-19 This Month
2020/04/17 Press Release: Abnova and AsiaGen Taiwan Set First Phase COVID-19 IgM IgG Rapid Test Production Target to 25,000 Tests Per Month
2020/03/16 Press Release: Abnova and Labospace Accelerate COVID-19 Serum Antibody Rapid Test Clinical Study in Italy for CE-IVD Certification
2020/03/06 Press Release: Abnova Setup Serum IgM/IgG ELISA Test for COVID-19 Coronavirus
2020/02/20 Press Release: Abnova Team Up with Chung Yuan Christian University using COVID-19 VLP for Therapeutic Antibody Validation
2020/02/13 Press Release: Abnova’s Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Targeting Wuhan 2019-nCoV Coronavirus
2020/02/05 Press Release: Abnova Speed Up Wuhan 2019-nCoV Rapid Test, Therapeutic Antibody and Vaccine Development
2020/01/31 Press Release: Abnova Uses Its Rapid DNAx™ Immune Technology for 2019-CoV Wuhan Coronavirus Antibody Production
2020/01/09 Press Release: Abnova Signup More Cancer Clinics and Hospitals and Expands its Circulating Tumor Cells and Precision Medicine Business in Japan
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