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2011/10/11 Precipitor News: Austrian distributor, Anopoli Biomedical, presents Precipitor 16 at Biotechnica
2011/09/08 Press Release: Abnova and Clearbridge BioMedics Accelerate Circulating Tumor Cell System into the Research and In Vitro Diagnostic Markets
2011/07/28 Press Release: Abnova Co-Publishes Staging Biomarkers of Lymph Node Metastases for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in International Journal of Cancer
2011/07/24 Conference: American Association for Clinical Chemistry
2011/07/11 Press Release: Abnova Introduces High Throughput TR-FRET Assay System (Interactor®) for Drug Discovery Market
2011/06/15 Press Release: Abnova & Ardic Instruments Introduce New Fiber-Optic Protein Quantification System for Research and In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Markets
2011/04/18 Press Release: Abnova Gains ACTN4 Stage 1 Lung Cancer In Vitro Diagnostic Worldwide Exclusive License and Initiates Multinational Clinical Studies
2011/04/08 Press Release: Abnova Introduce New Membrane Protein Proteoliposome Products for Drug Discovery
2011/04/02 Conference: 102 nd Annual Meeting of AACR
2011/03/13 Conference: PITTCON conference & EXPO 2011
2011/01/29 Conference: Lab Automation 2011
2011/01/21 Press Release: Abnova Launch New FISH Probes Complementing Immunohistochemistry Antibodies
2011/01/09 Press Release: Abnova Presents AbWare™, a New Protein Quantification System
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