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2017/10/17 Conference: Invited Talk at Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital
2017/10/03 Conference: 2017 Distinguished Seminar Series, College of Health Sciences and Technology, NCU
2017/09/11 Press Release: Abnova Enters Third-Party Diagnostic Market in China
2017/08/22 Press Release: Abnova Gains Precision Medicine Momentum
2017/07/21 Press Release: Abnova (Dongguan) Diagnostics’ CytoQuest™ CR System Gains Class I In Vitro Diagnostics EMC & Safety CFDA Approval in China
2017/07/08 Conference: Liquid Biopsy CTC Summit
2017/06/23 Conference: 2017 Biotech Young Leadership Boot Camp
2017/04/07 Press Release: Wealth Magazine (Taiwan), Issue 526, Pages 152-155, “Abnova’s Biotechnology Revolution”
2017/04/03 Press Release: Abnova Announces the Opening of Abnova Diagnostics (Japan) Office and Clinical Laboratory for Precision Medicine Market in Japan
2017/02/22 Conference: 8th World IVD Summit 2017
2017/01/12 Press Release: Abnova Signed Strategic Alliance Agreement with HangZhou Watson Biotech to Catapult the Circulating Tumor Cell Precision Market in China
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